At GELLER Law, we specialize in resolving all matters arising from separation or divorce. However, many couples also retain our services to handle their pre- and post-marital legal affairs. 

Before marriage, couples often seek to make agreements pertaining to a range of marital issues in the event of a divorce. It is a responsible approach for a couple, in contemplation of marriage, to consider creating a PRENUPTIAL agreement with GELLER LAW.  We call this a "just-in-case" contract. These agreements are meant to ensure a peace of mind for both parties; providing you with the assurance that many of the issues arising from separation or divorce will be ready with a solution.  

Similarly, many married couples also take the path of creating a POSTNUPTIAL agreement to address many of the same issues a prenuptial agreement covers. Just like a 'prenup,' a postnuptial agreement is designed to secure and protect the interests of a married couple, including the allocation of marital assets, limitations on spousal support, etc. 

The attorneys at GELLER LAW are trained to help analyze your interests and build personalized agreements.  

+PRENUPTIAL Agreement:

  • In contemplation of marriage (pre-marriage);
  • Legally-binding;
  • Helps protect your interests upon and during marriage and in the event of divorce or separation.


  • After marriage, where the parties do not intend to separate or divorce;
  • Legally binding;
  • Helps protect your interests during marriage and in the event of divorce or separation.

KEEP IN MIND: Unlike a separation agreement, pre- and post-nuptial agreements are typically not created in contemplation of divorce or separation. Many happy couples see it as a responsible approach - protecting themselves in case life takes an unexpected turn.