Understandably, couples that mutually agree on ending their marriage just want to get on with their lives. We can ensure that the uncontested divorce process is fast and simple with our new "Lightning Divorce" package.

THE TYPICAL UNCONTESTED NEW YORK DIVORCE may take its time, given the circumstances.  From the the paperwork to the court system - many factors can potentially extend the time of processing your divorce.  Geller Law has developed a system that can ensure an expedited uncontested divorce in 55 business days or less.*

TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR OUR UNCONTESTED "LIGHTNING DIVORCE" - the following factors must be present:

  1. You and your spouse agree over all issues, including: finances (assets, expenses, and liabilities), child custody, visitation and support (if you have children), division of marital property or spousal support (maintenance/alimony); and 
  2. You and your spouse agree to the divorce (or your spouse fails to appear in the divorce matter).

If you are interested in a lightning-fast uncontested divorce, contact us today to find out if you qualify.